This past Sunday in Explorer's your child learned that she doesn't have to be afraid because God is always with her. Just like Moses before the burnng bush, our fear of the unknown doesn't have to control us. She learned that not knowing what to expect at a new school, or meeting a new teacher, or making new friends doesn't need to keep us from experiencing the joy God has for us in these new adventures in life. Because God is always with us, we do not have to feel alone when our loved ones are absent. Her Bible reference was from Exodus 3:1-4:17. When Moses was before God in the burning bush, God gave him instruction to "go to Pharoe and tell him to let My people go." Moses had never done this before and was afraid of what he didn't know. But God told him, "Don't be afraid, I will go with you. Take you staff and you will show Pharoe my wonders." Your child may not have a staff, but she has you. Talk with your child this week about her fears and remind her that God is always with her. Share some of your fears with her and how God is with you to help you through them. 

This months BIG QUESTION is: Are you ever really alone? 

The BIG ANSWER is: God is always with me. 

In Element, we started our new series "Peer Relationships." Your child learened to be kind to everyone. Show love. Forgive others. Why? Because God loved her and forgave her, first! She is learning as school starts, new friends will come into her life. This series is helping her to use wisdom in selecting friends that will encourage and support her. At the same time, she is learning some some people will not make great friends, but she should still love them as God loves her. 

The BIG ANSWER this week is: Evil will overcome, when I am kind to everyone. 

This weeks scripture is: Matthew 5:44 ERV But I tell you, love your enemies. Pray for those who treat you badly.