We just completed week 3 in our series "Are You Ever Really Alone?" in Explorers. Your child heard about the Israelites making bricks for the King, Pharoah. This was a hard task for the Israelites. When things get haed for a child, they will tend to not do it, or look to others for help. We can look to God for help in any situation that comes. In order your child to do this, he must see the person he looks up to the most do it. The person that he looks up to the most is you. Let him see you ask God for help. Remember that he will do what you do. Kids of all ages mimick the people they look up the most. I am sure you have noticed this a few times. You can also do other things to help lay the foundation. A good stepping stone in this practice is to pick a few jobs arond the house that are little hard for him. Let him try the jobs by himself. Then help him complete the jobs. Remind him that he doesn't have to 
worry when things get hard because God is always with him. 

This months BIG QUESTION is: Are you ever really alone? 

The BIG ANSWER is: God is always with me. 

In Element, we finished week 2 of our series "Peer Relationships." Your child learened to love everybody, but hang out with friends that show Gods love. Those friends will treat him right and help him make good choices. A friends influence will change the way he thinks. It is a natural thing in all relationships. Just as your relationship with Christ will influence your choices, so will your friends. He learned that a friend who makes good choices will rub off on him. When he chooses friends who love God, his relationship with Jesus will grow as well. He learned that it is ok to have friends who do not know or follow Jesus or who may be a bad influence. But he will need to have a few friends who love God with him when he hangs out or plays with them. He learned to be kind, loving, and pray for them as well. 

The BIG ANSWER this week is: A good choice depends, on choosing good friends.. 

This weeks scripture is: Proverbs 12:26 NIV The Righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.