School starts this month and one of the things on your kids mind is making friends. This week we are starting a new series in ELEMENT called "Peer Relationships". As they enter their pre-teen and teens year, your kids are hugely impacted by the friends they choose. This series helps children ages six to eleven build a Godly foundation for making friends and peer relationships as they grow. 

This four-part series teaches your kids to understand who their peers are, how to choose friends who will enrich their lives and honor God, and how to respond to interactions with with friends whether positive or negative. 

This week in Explorers your kid learned that God is always with them, just like God was with baby Moses in the basket. (Exodus 2:1-10) 

 As your kids are starting VPK-1st grade, they can find it difficult to be away from you, especially in a new school or even going to day care! 

 The BIG QUESTION this month is "Are you ever really alone?" The BIG ANSWER is, "God is always with me!"