Hey Coastal!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hearing from Pastor David Hughes.  He challenged each of us to be “Fishers of Men” and to share our story.  We have the key to what people are looking for and we need to share it with others! 

BTW...You can watch the message here if you missed it...OR if you want to see it again.

This coming Sunday is THE SUNDAY that I would love for you to pray for and invite people to!  We are starting a new relationship series called “Uncovered”.  We know that everyone can grow in their relationships and we all have things we can improve on.  This is a great time to invite your friends, family and co-workers…the impact you can make through inviting them just may change their life.

Every time we have done a service on relationships we have seen many lives impacted…and our church is NEVER the same as a result (usually lots of babies are born 9 months later).  Needless to say…I can’t wait for Sunday…and would ask you as our church family to do several things…

#1 - Take some time this week to pray for our services this Sunday.

We have worked hard and prepared for this service…but if God does not move then we are wasting our time!  Let’s take some time this week to BEG HIM to move in and be THE DIFFERENCE in our services…let’s LIVE OUT Isaiah 62:6-7 and literally not leave Him alone for the rest of the week!!! 

#2 - Make yourself available this week by praying every single day, “God, here I am, take me and use me to invite people to church and/or share my faith today!”

#3 - Do whatever it takes to get people to church on Sunday.

I know that it CAN be discouraging to keep inviting people and then you are told “no,” don’t give up…they may need just one more invite.  Let’s live out II Peter 3:9 to those who so desperately NEED HIM!!!

I cannot wait to see what Jesus does this weekend!  I really do LOVE our church…and I love the way that you respond when we challenge you to invite people to experience life change!!!!

Let’s do ALL we can to reach ALL we can and place it ALL in HIS HANDS!!!

Loving God, Loving People & Showing it,

Pastor TJ