Speaker: TJ McCormick

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Don’t Get Trapped

TJ McCormick • January 16

Your Healthiest Year

TJ McCormick • January 9

God Given Desires

Josh Mitchael • January 2

Present in the Pressures

Shayla McCormick • December 19

Overcoming Worry

Shayla McCormick • December 12

Let’s Build Something that Will Outlast Us

TJ McCormick • December 5




The Fight of Your Life

There are spiritual battles going on! Are you prepared to fight well? This 8 Part Series is based from Ephesians 6, equipping us for the battles at hand with the Spiritual Armor of God.



There are so many circumstances that have shaken us. What is going on and what can we do about it? Let’s get our foundation in place to be able to withstand whatever storms come.


At the Core

It is important to remember WHY we do what we do, so that we don’t get lost on our mission. In this series we dive into our core values.



Our summer series, Voices is power packed with incredible speakers. Hear from messages within our church and a guest speaker.

Psalm 23

Although Psalm 23 may be familiar, there is so much more to be found in this passage of scripture than surface level. Our Good Shepherd continues to teach.


What we do with what we are given matters! Get to know God’s direction for your finances and investments in life. This series will make an impact.

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