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How to Grow
TJ McCormick • August 7

What’s Most Important
TJ McCormick • July 31

I’m a Mess, and I Need God!

TJ McCormick • July 24

Our Why

TJ McCormick • July 17

The Great Wait

Shayla McCormick • July 9

Pass the Test

Josh Mitchael • July 3

Run Your Race Well

Brian McMillian • July 3

A Miracle in the Making

Susie LeForge • June 26

Let’s Get Ridiculous

TJ McCormick • June 19

Don’t Stop Now!

TJ McCormick • June 14

What is the More for?

TJ McCormick • June 5

Act Your Wage

TJ McCormick • May 29

Trust God with the First

TJ McCormick • May 22

Consistent Faith

Shayla McCormick • May 15

Even If

TJ McCormick • May 8

The Stand

TJ McCormick • May 2

The Table of Character

TJ McCormick • April 24

Easter at Coastal

TJ McCormick • April 17




Faith in the Fire

How to have faith in the midst of life’s challenges. Hold onto the life lessons from the book of Daniel. Stand up for your faith, and ready yourself for whatever comes your way. Get consistent in the daily faith practices that will strengthen you.



In our Voices series, we have the opportunity to hear from guest leaders and our very own location pastors. These are men and women with a specific message to share with our church, you won’t want to miss a weekend!


I Need A Miracle

Modern life often has overwhelming speed, demands and rush. However, that life was not modeled by Jesus. His life purpose and calling that is higher and incomparable to any of ours, YET he was not overly rushed. Let’s seek what we can learn from Him.


Built to Last

In this new year, let’s take time to grow healthy. This can be a foundational year because this is a year that you can lay a spiritual foundation that can set patterns for the rest of your life! Make this your best year yet by making it your best year spiritually.



The Fight of Your Life

There are spiritual battles going on! Are you prepared to fight well? This 8 Part Series is based from Ephesians 6, equipping us for the battles at hand with the Spiritual Armor of God.



There are so many circumstances that have shaken us. What is going on and what can we do about it? Let’s get our foundation in place to be able to withstand whatever storms come.


At the Core

It is important to remember WHY we do what we do, so that we don’t get lost on our mission. In this series we dive into our core values.



Our summer series, Voices is power packed with incredible speakers. Hear from messages within our church and a guest speaker.

Psalm 23

Although Psalm 23 may be familiar, there is so much more to be found in this passage of scripture than surface level. Our Good Shepherd continues to teach.


What we do with what we are given matters! Get to know God’s direction for your finances and investments in life. This series will make an impact.

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